Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ORD Delays

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to excessive wait times and numerous long lines at O’Hare airport, we are experiencing service delays.

Currently our drivers are waiting 4 or more hours in line to recover shipments and because of our D.O.T. mandated Driver Hours of Service requirements, Tax-Air may be forced to release our drivers from these facilities to maintain our compliance and on-time service schedules.

Please help to assist with the following to help ensure we can recover your freight in the committed time frame;

  • Prior to dispatching Tax-Air, we request that you contact the airline or airline facility and verify that the freight is available for pickup. 
  • The shipment must be cleared, all paperwork complete and accurate, and all fees paid prior to us being dispatched for the pickup.
  • Please dispatch all airline pickups to Tax-Air via email at dispatch@taxair.com or fax to 888-304-5134. 
  • All checks should be sent directly to the airlines.
  • Contact your airline to see if it is possible to arrange for dedicated doors or adhered-to appointment times for Tax- Air.

In the event that we cannot recover your freight, we will update your shipment information on our website as well as attempt to notify your office. Please make sure that we have your weekend and after hours contact information notated on your paperwork.

We are expecting these delays to continue into January of 2017 and will keep you informed on any new developments.

Thank you for your continued business and cooperation as we navigate through these ORD challenges. If you have any further questions regarding these issues, please contact your Business Development Manager.